Global Presence

Through a 49% shareholding held by Unicon A/S, the Aalborg Portland Group has been a strategic partner in Ecol-Unicon, Poland, since 1996.

Based in Gdansk, with 3 precast concrete production units, 18 branches and about 300 employees, the company is the leader in products and engineering solutions in the water treatment and environmental business in Poland.

Eco-Unicon is currently expanding into Central East Europe, the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia, Benelux, and USA synergizing with the global presence of Aalborg Portland.

The company can leverage on a wide range of products; some of them own patented: from separators to flow regulators, from concrete wells and tanks to the new dry-well pumping stations.

In the USA, mainly in the North-east Coast, the fully owned subsidiary Vianini Pipe Ltd. engineers and manufactures a large set of solutions in precast reinforced concrete products.

Using the latest technology, the company delivers structural elements to civil engineering projects and transport industries (pipelines, jck pipes and microtunneling, box culvert, etc.).

Vianini Pipe is a member of the American Water Works Association, American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association and the American Concrete Pipe Association.