Provision of a high standard of technical service has traditionally been a cornerstone of Aalborg Portland’s customer support concept. A goal of the Group has also been to become a leader in technical development in the fields of cement production and concrete technology. These objectives are unchanged.

We maintain our expertise through a broad international network with leading cement and concrete research institutes and universities. Aalborg Portland was instrumental in founding the Nanocem research network, which is today a global leader in research into cement-based materials.

Through Unicon Norway the Group participates in Norway’s leading concrete research project Concrete Innovation Centre (COIN).

Cement testing
Routine quality assurance testing of cement, produced in Aalborg is performed at Product Technology’s facilities in compliance with the relevant Danish, European and US standards. Many of these tests are accredited by the Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund.

We operate a wide range of more specialised analytical techniques including:

  • DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
  • Adiabatic calorimetry
  • X-ray diffraction using Rietveld quantitative analysis
  • ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy, with X-ray microanalysis)
  • Optical microscopy of clinker and concrete
  • Trace element analyses by atomic absorption, ICP and colorimetric methods.
  • Clinker burning studies in controlled-atmosphere high temperature furnaces

Product quality
Our aim is to link the raw materials and processes in cement production over the cement properties to its performance in the final product. For this, we use our expertise in key fields such as thermodynamics and influence of admixtures. Lean Six Sigma statistical tools are used to understand process and product quality variations and improve the consistency of our products.

Concrete technology
Our expertise in concrete technology includes all relevant aspects of concrete production such as mix design, rheology and admixture compatibility, and physical testing.

The Research and Quality Centre has considerable experience in concrete durability, including sulphate attack and chloride binding. Another important area of expertise is the du-rability of concrete surfaces to discolouration from efflorescence, general weathering. Our accelerated aesthetically ageing devise has been invented especially for this purpose.

Dry-mix mortar systems
Our expertise in dry-mix mortar systems includes the compatibility of the cement and mineral additives with a wide range of chemical admixtures, normally used in these products. A special laboratory has been created for performing all relevant types of tests such as adhesive strength, water retention, and workability.

White cement
Much of our expertise has been developed to serve our white cement customers. This in-cludes expertise in white cement raw materials, quality, fresh concrete properties, white cement applications (incl. dry-mix mortar systems, tile adhesives), properties of white cement in aggressive environments and aesthetic durability of white concrete.

Our expertise includes

  • Cement testing
  • Product quality
  • Concrete technology
  • Durability
  • Dry-mix mortar systems
  • White cement