Concrete is an exciting and versatile material that can be used for much more than building elements and highway bridges. To raise awareness of concrete’s many uses, we have supported the Norwegian artist Marit Benthe Norheim’s large-scale art project called Life-boats.

The project aims to create three sculptures in concrete, which will become functional boats shaped like female figures. The boats are scheduled to sail from Northern Jutland via Zealand and out on canals and rivers in Europe. Here, they will exchange cultures with people in the places the ships visit. Many cities, countries and organizations have shown keen interest in visiting the “Life-boats”. Poland has, among others, already signed up as recipients of the sailing sculptures.

February 12th, 2013

– now with 30% lower CO2 emissions.
In May 2011, Aalborg Portland took yet another step closer towards a more environmentally friendly production. Based on the desire to meet market requirements there was developed a LOW ALKALI cement, which is produced with a lower CO2 emission.

Miljøredegørelse 2010.indd
February 11th, 2013