About us

Aalborg Portland is part of the Cementir Group, an international supplier of cement and concrete (www.cementirholding.it). Within Aalborg Portland there are four major product areas: grey cement, white cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. In order to strengthen the creation of value in the individual companies certain functions are increasingly being coordinated within the Cementir Group.

As a group, our business success is built on a number of strengths: our sound financial position, the value we add to society,  our continuous focus on product development, investments in a cleaner society as well as fair competition.

In addition, our talented employees, our values and results are closely linked – we believe great results are only possible if we have motivated and engaged employees supported by a set of core values, which – combined – form a unique platform for our continued success and strenght to shape the future.

Our values are:

  • Grow with passion for effectiveness
  • Integrated diversity
  • Act concrete simplicity
  • Rigorous flexibility
  • Accountability for the future

Read more about our culture and values here.


Aalborg Portland in brief

  • Global leader in White Cement with up to 3 m tons of production capacity.
  • Major supplier of white cement to the USA.
  • Market leader in Europe, South East Asia and Australia in white cement.
  • Key and fast growing player in Egypt and China in white cement.
  • No.1 RMC producer in Scandinavia.
  • No.2 cement producer in Scandinavia.
  • More than 1.800 employees worldwide.