Honorable visit at Aalborg Portland

HRH Crown Prince Frederik and the Minister of Environment Ida Auken visited Aalborg Portland on Monday 16 September. The tour also included a visit to other organisations in North Jutland, such as DESMI Ocean Guard, Siemens and Barsmark and Alfa Laval.

CFO Henning Bæk, Production Director Jesper Høstgaard- Jensen, R&D Director Jesper Sand Damtoft, Environment and Energy Manager Preben Andreasen and three union representatives welcomed the delegation.

The guests gained insight into Aalborg Portland’s ongoing work on sustainable production and the use of our unique natural resources and the environmental advantages of concrete in terms of use of natural raw materials, long durability and use in 0 energy houses. The presentation focused on Aalborg Portland’s many environmental and energy improvement activities, including NOx reduction, research on the cement of the future with reduced CO2 emissions, and increased use of renewable energy.

The delegation went to the chalk quarry to visit the bucket chain excavator. They learned more about Aalborg Portland’s plans to change the chalk quarry into a recreational area, when recovery of chalk is moved to another area in the future. The guests then visited the 80 meter high cyclone tower of Aalborg Portland’s largest cement kiln. From here they were shown the area of the proposed wind turbines. The tour ended back at the administration building, where the Crown Prince and the Minister of Environment were shown a demonstration of a casting of concrete with “green” environmentally friendly cement.

We were delighted to get the opportunity to show how we at Aalborg Portland produce a sustainable product and at the same time reduce the company’s energy consumption, says CFO Henning Bæk.