Stein Tosterud reelected as President of the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization

The Board meeting was held in Portugal at the XVII ERMCO congress, and The Board reelected Managing Director Stein Tosterud of Unicon Norway as their President/Chairman for the coming period. 

The Secretary General of ERMCO is Francesco Biasoli (right) and Stein Tosterud (left) agrees that the main scope of work is the sustainability challenges. The profitability of our trade and our products, the reputation of our local importance for the society and the environmental footprint of our products and industry. The Board strongly support to work together on “horizontal issues” (environment, fire, sustainability, competition vs other structural materials) with CEMBUREAU, BIBM and EFCA.

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ERMCO, the European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization, is the federation of national associations for the ready-mixed concrete industry in Europe.

Founded in 1967, ERMCO currently comprises 25 Members.

In co-operation with other industrial partners of the concrete industry, ERMCO seeks to assist the development and adoption of concrete solutions based on the European Codes and Standards for the design and execution of concrete structures.

ERMCO is particularly aware of the widespread demand for industry in general to adopt a responsible attitude to questions relating to the environment and to sustainable construction.

ERMCO has always supported a positive approach to the definition of suitable environmental controls within the general field of production of fresh concrete.